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Standard Football Field Construction

FIFA APPROVED FOOTBALL FIELD CONSTRUCTION IN STANDARD SIZES. You can call us to get information about the features of the field and delivery processes, and you can reach us immediately by explaining your information and request in the service request form to quickly get a quote and get detailed information about the cost.

Since Vizyon Spor is on a mission to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, it always aims to provide a problem-free service with the best quality materials. In this context, with the R&D studies we carry out, we build sports facilities that are resistant to climatic conditions, not easily deformed, and can be used without problems for many years.

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Professional Football Field Construction

To make a regular football field, there are several important factors you need to consider.

    1. Location Selection: Ideally, your football field should be built on an area that is flat, wide and has access to sunlight. It is also important that the site is in a sheltered location against the effects of wind.
    2. Dimensions: The dimensions of the football field must comply with FIFA rules.
    3. Ground: The ground of the football field is an important factor affecting the quality of the game. Generally, natural grass or synthetic grass and hybrid grass is preferred. The floor must be smooth and well maintained.
    4. Environment: The surroundings of the field should include elements such as spectator stands, lighting system, player locker rooms, referee room. Spectator stands and lighting can increase the use of the field.
    5. Maintenance and Management: Regular maintenance and management of the field ensures the longevity of the field and maintains its quality. Operations such as lawn maintenance and regular inspection of lines and goal posts are necessary.

The standard dimensions of the football field are determined according to the international football rules of the game and the guidelines set by FIFA (Union of International Football Associations). FIFA's rules regulate the dimensions of football fields, goal dimensions, line positions and other important details. Professional Football field dimensions according to FIFA standards;

It is made in dimensions between 45m x 90m or 90m x 120m.

Professional Football Field Ground

Preferred ground options for a FIFA-sanctioned pitch include natural grass or synthetic turf . Both options must comply with certain standards and maintenance requirements. Natural grass fields should be cut, watered, fertilized and maintained regularly.

Synthetic turf fields are made of specially designed durable materials and require less maintenance, but regular cleaning and checks should be carried out.

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Vizyon Spor carries out open and closed football field construction works on a turnkey basis in a short time with its professional team in Football Field Construction.

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