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What is Padel Tennis Court? and Varieties

What is a padel tennis court? These tennis courts are a special field or court where a racquet sport game called padel is played. Padel tennis is considered a game that combines features of sports such as tennis and squash. Padel tennis courts can be located indoors or outdoors, surrounded by glass or walls and equipped with synthetic grass or acrylic-coated surfaces. Here is more information about padel tennis courts:

Padel Tennis Court Types:

  1. Outdoor Courts: Outdoor padel tennis courts are located outdoors and are usually surrounded by glass or walls for an outdoor game.
  2. Indoor Courts: Indoor padel tennis courts are located in gyms or indoor sports facilities. These courts are unaffected by weather conditions and are ideal for playing games all year round. Indoor courts are usually surrounded by glass and equipped with appropriate lighting.

Padel Court Dimensions

Padel tennis court is a special type of court with certain dimensions and standards. According to the standards set by FIP, padel tennis court dimensions are as follows:

  • Width : Must be 10 meters (33 feet).
  • Length : The length of the court must be 20 meters (66 feet).
  • Service Box : Width: 4 meters (13 feet), length: 5 meters (about 16.5 feet)

Padel Tennis Court Floor Application

Specially applied padel floors are important to facilitate the movement of players, provide shock absorbency and ensure that the ball is properly reflected on the ground surface.

  1. Synthetic Floor: The floor of padel tennis courts is usually covered with padel artificial grass specific to the padel game . It can also be covered with acrylic and tartan floors.
  2. Subfloor: The subfloor of the court is important for shock absorption and providing appropriate support to the surface of the ground. The subgrade consists of compacted stone or similar materials.
  3. Perimeter Walls: Padel tennis courts have a special design where players can use the walls to send the ball back to the opponent's court. Walls are often made of glass or hard materials and add to the dynamics of the game.
  4. Lines and Markings: Padel tennis courts have the necessary lines and markings for the game to be played properly.

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