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What is Hybrid Grass?

In short, we can call it the marriage of synthetic grass and natural grass :) But when it comes to choosing grass for football;  There has always been a debate about artificial grass  and  natural grass . On the one hand, those who claim that natural grass is the only solution to football quality, and on the other hand, the huge synthetic grass industry that constantly develops new products for football fields, which make up most of the natural grass areas. Hybrid grass , a new discovery recently  , puts an end to all these debates between the two worlds.

The main purpose of the hybrid grass idea is to provide a protected environment for the body of the plant and strengthen the roots of the grass. Body section; It is protected by artificial grass fibers, causes less damage to the plant and grows quickly.


How to Make Hybrid Grass? The root system is attached to the artificial grass fibers and is also anchored to the porous substrate and the lower root zone and protected by the carpet. Synthetic grass fibers produce a microclimate that enhances grass regrowth. This type of ground has become quite durable, and professional organizations serving in the field of football have started to prefer hybrid grass technology.

It emerged at the junction of nature and technology.

 Its name is accepted as "Reinforced Turf" by FIFA  . It is a technological product that is highly preferred globally. Our company's R&D studies continue uninterruptedly to improve further.

Hybrid Grass Features

Magnificent Features of Hybrid Grass;

  • It reduces the amount of wear and tear.
  • It maintains surface levels and homogeneity.
  • It increases the slip resistance of the surface.
  • Runtime durability is much higher.
  • It gives the feeling of playing on natural grass.
  • Natural grass protects the top of artificial grass fibers against wear and tear, extending the life of the carpet up to 5 years.
  • Natural grass protects artificial grass fiber from excessive UV degradation.
  • Natural grass with its root zone filling protects the surface from excessive surface heating.

Contributions to Sports

  • Locking resistance.
  • Optimal softness.
  • Unlimited naturalness to renew itself.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • All weather resistance.
  • Optimal Energy feedback.
  • Strong permeability.
  • Perfect homogeneity.

Why Hybrid Grass?

Maximum Performance: Provides Uninterrupted Gaming

 Football can be played 22/7 under almost all conditions with hybrid turf . Better playing properties Provides a less slippery playing surface even in wet conditions. It offers a smooth and flat playing surface even in situations where it will be exposed to high wear. Natural grass always has a green surface, even if it is worn. It offers optimum parameters for player-surface interaction “ frictionrolling resistanceunderfoot stabilityslip resistancedrainage properties ”.

Hybrid turf grassReduction in surface-related injuries. It offers the opportunity to both train and play on the same surface. In this way, you will not need to reserve the main field only for matches. Since the players become familiar with the main field through training on the main field, it gives them an advantage over their opponents.

Hybrid Lawns provide less compression in the lower root zone layer due to the support of the geotextile carpet.

Maximum Efficiency: Hybrid Lawn Care Offers Many Advantages

No problematic lawn surfaces to fix! Maintenance that requires attention will be limited to drawing lines on the surface and removing foreign substances.

It does not require special maintenance equipment. Surface conditions are easy to change and can be adapted to the needs of players and managers. In season and during the renovation period, it is easy to quickly adapt the surface to the desired shape. Off-season regeneration time is shortened. If any area is damaged and needs to be replaced, the repair of the damaged areas is quite simple and completed in a short time. Companies that produce hybrid grass  generally offer guaranteed products. This warranty condition saves the business from difficult situations. When there is a problem with the product, the manufacturer always stands behind its product. Although the chance of the product being faulty is very low, in such a case a free renewal is provided.

Maximum Profit: Offers Operational and Financial Support

Hybrid turf  has an average playing capacity of up to 6,000 hours per year. You can both play and train on the same surface. With this feature, there is no need for an additional training area. The fact that the ground is always green provides a good visual for the players and the audience. The installation costs of a hybrid lawn system are more competitive compared to similar quality lawn systems. At the same time   , subsequent repair and maintenance costs for  hybrid turf are in most cases more affordable than for other surfaces. As Vizyon Spor,  we would like to point out that if synthetic grass is not preferred, hybrid grass is a more logical choice for the football field instead of natural grass.

With hybrid grass,  you do not need to invest in special maintenance equipment required for grass surfaces. First of all  , hybrid grass maintenance costs  are quite advantageous because hybrid grass has a much higher lifespan compared to natural surfaces. However, it lasts twice as long as synthetic grass surfaces. When making a future investment,  choosing hybrid grass  brings more profit to the business. Because periodic maintenance costs are low. And it is more resistant to abrasions than other surfaces.

Maximum Power: Supported Root Zone

The idea is to add Fibers mixed (in situ or pre-mixed) with the root zone. This method strengthens the roots and provides an environment for the roots to unite and circulate. As a result, it shows maximum strength. As time passes, artificial grass and natural grass become more and more intertwined and become stronger.

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