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Golf Course Construction Stages

 The following processes must be taken into consideration during the golf course construction phases ;

  • In general, it is not the case that artificial grass is preferred in all large fields of classical structure. It is better to design the area close to the flag and the area between 30 and 90 meters on average at the first shot to be designed with artificial grass. It is necessary to design an area that can be directed more easily and where there is no difference in the bounce of the ball. It would be correct to use synthetic grass produced for maximum game performance. The choice of synthetic turf should be specific to the sport of golf.
  • Instead of the area up to the pit part, there is no useful and flat material in the distance where there is flatter and artificial grass. It is necessary to ensure that natural grass has occasional holes and consists of grass of different sizes. In case of a bad shot, there is a direct obligation to make more shots.
  • We cover the Fair Way  area with artificial grass rolls in accordance with the field structure specially determined by Vizyon Spor. In this region, which is generally up to 90 meters wide, we directly benefit from the structure of artificial grass, which does not suffer from deformation. With Fair Way, there is coarse grass in the side sections of the hole, which makes it much more impractical and makes shots difficult. There is no process such as covering this area with artificial grass.
  • The Putting Green  area, on the other hand, supports the ball to bounce in exactly the same way in this area by reducing friction as much as possible. It must be prepared using artificial grass in order to put the ball into the hole where the flag is with short kicks within the distance of the flag in the putt area.

Golf Course Construction Cost

Unfortunately, there is no fixed price for golf course costs . For this reason, our expert team primarily carries out special discovery work. Following the work done, all materials are produced to create a quality field. Afterwards, it will be necessary to determine the cost , including logistics costs, within the framework of current prices . Of course, the duration of the project also directly affects the golf course cost. As Vizyon Spor, our aim is to complete the project in a short time with a large number of technical personnel.

Mini Golf Course Construction

Mini golf course, golf course dimensions  and  size

Golf course projects are prepared in different ways according to large or mini golf course structure preferences. The golf course project, which will be carried out by our expert team  ,  is prepared according to the size of the area. Natural grass  and  artificial grass areas of the entire field   are specially designed. It takes its place on the field in accordance with the plan. Generally; It is better to choose artificial grass instead of having natural grass on the entire field. It is much more efficient to cover the golf playing area , especially  the putting area  , with artificial grass. The putt area and an area of ​​approximately 30 to 90 meters close to this part must be covered with artificial grass.

Choosing Golf Artificial Grass

Similar nuances are required when choosing artificial grass and real grass for golf. The most important point here is; It is the climate of the region / city / district where the golf course will be built. Grass should be selected according to the amount of rainfall per square meter. Likewise, the correct grass selection should be made by calculating the angle of incidence of the sun's rays. Additionally, grass that turns yellow easily should be avoided. Otherwise, even if you have a prestigious golf course built, you may be exposed to a bad appearance with yellowing grass.

To give an example; In hot weather,  Cynodon Dactylon  , called  Bermuda grass resistant to this condition  , should be used. In slightly colder places,   it would be appropriate to use Poa Pratensis  , known as  meadow bunch grass, which can maintain its greenness.

It is worth reiterating: Please stay away from companies that see grass as just greenery! It is necessary to choose artificial turf specifically for golf. Therefore, artificial turf grass or synthetic grass used for landscaping will not benefit you.

You should choose artificial grass rolls with short pile length and tightly woven threads.

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