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Basketball Court Construction

You can call us to get information about basketball construction, field features and delivery processes with acrylic, tartan, parquet and polyurethane floors in STANDARD SIZES, to quickly get a quote and get detailed information about the cost You can contact us immediately by explaining your information and request in the service request form.

Since Vizyon Spor is on a mission to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, it always aims to provide a problem-free service with the best quality materials. In this context, with the R&D studies we carry out, we build sports facilities that are resistant to climatic conditions, not easily deformed, and can be used without problems for many years.

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Basketball Court Types and Grounds

As Vizyon Spor, we build open and closed system basketball courts .

Open basketball courts are sports fields surrounded by wire fences. Indoor Basketball Court ; They are delivered as fields covered with steel construction and multi-purpose indoor sports areas.

Floors Used in the Basketball Court;

  1. Acrylic Floor Basketball Court
  2. Tartan Ground Basketball Court
  3. Parquet Floor Basketball Court
  4. Polyurethane Floor Basketball Court

Basketball Court with Acrylic Floor

Acrylic coatings applied for basketball court floors are also frequently used for multi-purpose sports fields such as tennis courts, basketball courts and volleyball courts. Their surfaces provide a fast game. Acrylic can be applied to the floor in 2mm  or  3mm thickness  .

It is preferred due to its high abrasion resistance, aesthetics and easy maintenance.

Tartan Floored Basketball Court

This basketball court top  consists of EPDM granules  released into  freshly applied PU compound, resulting in a homogeneous and seamless granulated top surface. The base mat is either a prefabricated rubber roll or is assembled on-site on site by mixing the rubber granules and binder to the required thickness with special paving machines.

Basketball Court with Parquet Floor

It is the preferred basketball floor type that we are used to, especially in international competitions.

  • Wooden parquet flooring adds a natural and aesthetic appearance that is not slippery.
  • The surface of wooden veneers can improve athletes' performance by making jumping easier.
  • Synthetic parquet flooring offers a more economical option and is easier to maintain.

Basketball Court with Polyurethane Floor

Polyurethane floor is a type of floor covering using polyurethane resins . This coating, which is also used on basketball floors , creates a floor surface that is durable, flexible and resistant to chemicals. Some of its features are;

  1. Durability: Polyurethane floors are resistant to external factors. They resist abrasion, impacts and scratches. Therefore, it is suitable for use in areas with heavy traffic.
  2. Chemical Resistance: Polyurethane coatings are resistant to chemicals. This is preferred in places where chemicals are used frequently, such as industrial facilities and laboratories.
  3. Flexibility: Polyurethane coatings have elastic properties and provide excellent resistance to impacts. This prevents the floor from cracking or collapsing.
  4. Easy Maintenance: Polyurethane floors are easy to clean and maintain. Since its surface is smooth, dust and dirt accumulation is low.


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